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The Buttonwood Club


The Buttonwood Club was organized January 24, 1962 as a Society of Senior Members of the New York Stock Exchange, who have been members for 25 years (now reduced to 10 years) or more.

The purpose of the Club is to recognize tenure of membership on the Exchange and to strengthen the bonds of good fellowship between members.

The Club’s emblem is the Buttonwood Tree, symbolizing the founding of the New York Stock Exchange on May 17, 1792, and the signing of the Buttonwood agreement which launched the first formal securities trading in the United States.

Its expressly understood that the Club, as such shall not inject itself into the affairs of the Exchange in any form; nor shall it speak for the Exchange in any way whatsoever.

The Buttonwood Foundation


The Buttonwood Foundation , established by the Buttonwood Club, Senior Members of the New York Stock Exchange,  initiated a scholarship for sons and daughters of those employees who have been with the Exchange for ten years or more.  In 2016 we extended the Program to the ICE employees with 10years of service.

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